Please watch the attached video by Pastor Dana concerning dreams he was given about the impending dangers over the nation over the next few months. God has revealed to Lionheart Church as well as others about how important it is for the church to come together in this hour and pray for his will to be done.


The fast begins August 23 at 6:00  pm and ends August 29th at 10:00 am

1. No meat , no bread and no sweets. Only water.

2. No meat, no bread and no sweets. One meal a day and only water.

3. No food. Only water


  • 1. Father, in the name of Jesus, we pray that you would fill Pastors Otha and LaRonna with the knowledge of your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. We declare that every weapon working against their calling is destroyed and any power working against their spiritual growth is broken in the name of Jesus. We pray that you would give them supernatural strength in carrying out the vision you have for Lionheart church and that the Glory of God would overshadow them, the strength of God would empower them, the wisdom of God would guide them, and the power of God would protect them and their children.

    2. Let them be destroyed and put to shame that seek after the downfall of our pastors. Let them be turned back and brought to confusion that plan their hurt. Let the angel of the Lord chase them. Let their way be dark and slippery and let the angel of the Lord persecute them.

    3. We pray for every pastoral and ministerial leader at Lionheart church. Give them wisdom, understanding, and strength in helping to carry out the blueprint of the ministry. We declare that they all operate in one accord and that no weapon formed against them or their children will prosper.

    4. We pray for President and First Lady Trump. We thank you for giving us a president that protects the Nation of Israel and the Body of Christ. We pray that you would fill him with the knowledge of your will for this country and that he would continue to make decisions whereby righteousness and freedom is protected and established. We pray for his protection from enemies within and without. Expose every demonic plot against the White House and expose every plot against his life. Remove every person around him that is a mole or an agent of darkness working against the plans that you have established throughout his administration. We release the angels of heaven to pursue the enemies of God in government and politics. Overtake them and do not stop until they are consumed.

    5. We pray for our police officers - those that you have called to establish law and order and to execute vengeance against those who do evil. We declare that no weapon that is formed against them will prosper and we release the angels of heaven to keep them from harm and danger. Empower them to do your will as they root out evil. Let the Holy Spirit and the angels of heaven lead them and guide them in all of their affairs.

    6. We declare peace and safety across our cities and what the enemy meant for destruction will be turned to good. We break the powers of anarchy and rebellion being used by the devil to influence men to disrupt and destroy unity, peace and prosperity in this country. We release the angels to pursue the enemies of God and overtake them and do not stop until they are consumed.

    7. In the name of Jesus, release power from heaven to quiet the storms raging across this nation and give all civil and religious leaders the wisdom and strength needed to make decisions for the well being of the people. We pray that you would rain fire and brimstone upon the head of every unclean spirit influencing evil men to tear down and destroy our cities and neighborhoods. Let every demonic kingdom fall and let every wicked stronghold be broken. We release the angels of heaven to imprison and bind every unclean spirit working behind the scene creating mayhem, chaos, confusion, strife and destruction.

    8. Father, in the name of Jesus we pray that great power would be released from heaven in order to turn this upcoming election towards your perfect will. We declare that the person you want to be in office will be elected and that righteousness will triumph over evil. Let every lie be exposed and every secret agenda be revealed.

    9. We pray the voice of wicked liberal media would be silenced, embarrassed and exposed.

  • 10. In the name of Jesus, we destroy every force and evil power trying to twist this election and destroy righteous government. Make their ways crooked and may their ways be blocked with walls of fire. Let every form of witchcraft and demonic control being used by evil men to influence and intimidate during this election be rendered powerless and and return upon their own heads.

    11. We pray that during this season you would give the Body of Christ great boldness to stand up against and destroy the spirit of antichrist, spirit of Jezebel, and the spirit of Goliath that has risen to steal, kill, and destroy the destinies and lives of mankind. Give the leaders that represent the kingdom of God great wisdom, tact, and skill in this hour in order to navigate around the traps of the devil. We pray that our faith will not fail in this hour and that great power and strength will rest upon us as members of the kingdom of light.

    12. Holy Spirit, awaken the Body of Christ out of the fog and fear she is operating in and let the remnant come forth in power and take her place at the front line of the battle. For we fight the good fight of faith and have perfect victory through Jesus Christ.

    13. Father, in the name of Jesus, we pray according to Acts 6:7 that the Word of God coming out of Lionheart Church would increase and that the number of new converts and disciples would multiply in our midst greatly and be obedient to the faith.

    14. In the name of Jesus, we destroy all satanic strongholds against those who are ordained for salvation through the outreaches of Lionheart Church.
    15. We declare that every contact made through our outreaches will surrender to Christ and be compelled to make Lionheart Church their home.

    16. We pray that every weapon used by darkness to blind the minds of our family members, friends, coworkers and acquaintances is broken and destroyed in the name of Jesus.
    17. We pray that you would fill our house with souls from every race and every age and that you would give us a special grace to attract large groups of men to fill the house of God.

    18. Father, we ask that you would give every soul winner supernatural utterance, wisdom and boldness that will result in multitudes of people coming into the kingdom of God. We also pray that every soul winner would walk in great signs, wonders, and miracles in order to attract the unbeliever to Christ.

    19. We pray that the Holy Spirit and the angels of heaven would supernaturally draw people across our path to be ministered to and that you would appear to all the unsaved in our harvest field in visions and dreams, pointing them to Lionheart Church for their salvation and restoration.

    20. We also pray that the Holy Spirit and the angels of God would draw multitudes to our website, social media sites, postcards, and cds for their salvation, restoration and desired turnaround in life.

    21. Father, we pray that the Holy Spirit would protect and preserve all of our new converts and members from all satanic attacks and that you would silence the voice of every person seeking to manipulate them from being established in the faith.

    22. We pray that you would fill all our new converts and members with the knowledge of your will and that they would be consistent in covenant prayers, study of the Word of God, and consistently grow from strength to strength.

    23. We decree that every spiritual, physical and financial barrier preventing Lionheart Church from increasing, advancing and multiplying in 2020 is exposed and destroyed.