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  1. Hello I love your messages I wanted to know your opinion on the many books that has been taken out of the Bible. The ones that the romans took out and they also changed words in the Bible. And the ones that Jesus said to keep until the end. I’ve read some of them like the book of Enoch and it is amazing. The king James is not the same as the original bible that was written in hebrew. They have messed with our Bible. Some stuff in there isn’t lining up with what the original is saying. The romans changed a lot around. Of course Jesus is the savior that will forever be true but they have tricked us. I pray you guys look up those books. The grace in the king James is not the grace in the Gospel of the holy 12. Paul was not called by Jesus as his disciple. Paul if you read said a lot of the opposite of what Jesus said and the story of seeing Jesus he said the story 3 different ways. And what’s funny is that Jesus said if they tell you they seen me in a dessert or cave they are lying. Years later that’s exactly what Paul Did among other scriptures that had me like ?. Please pastors I love you guys so much please check out the other books and the gospel of the holy 12. That book you can read on YouTube. Some books God instructed us to hide because he knew they would change some stuff . This isn’t no black hebrew or Muslim type stuff at all Jesus is the savior or in Hebrew originally Yashua is his name as well . But please check those out I reeeeally wanna know you guys opinion!!

    1. Hello Chris – Thank you for sharing and for listening to the messages. We hope the power of God’s Word continues to manifest in your life. Yes, our leaders have made us aware that there are other books that exist in addition to those in our Christian Bible. However, the growth and success of Lionheart Church has been greatly attributed to our following God’s blueprint and direction, both corporately as a ministry and personally as Sons and Daughters of the Lord our Father. And that blueprint has kept us focused on our current Christian Bible. If God directs us to study other books, He’ll reveal His instructions accordingly. Until then, the 66 books in our Christian Bible have more than enough wisdom, power and revelation to keep us wholly engaged for many years to come!

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