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    1. Yes Shomari, our beloved ‘tag team’ of Pastors Otha and LaRonna have a fresh anointing to preach the gospel. We are thankful for this and the many other messages that have been shared.

  1. Hello from Philadelphia.
    I was directed here by Faegan Adams on Youtube!!! This is such a great series. I’ve been apart of a church the last few years and I’ve told God, “Lord I need more and I feel orphaned in the earth realm.” I needed spiritual leadership where I’m serving, giving and leading. After praying over and over He revealed some things to me about what He needs me to do for Him and what He will do for me. This is what I needed, you guys have a new online member until God calls me to a physical church again. As a matter of fact Georgia is the state I constantly tell God I want to live. I’m originally from Jamaica, I believing He is preparing me for that. Keep me and my children in your prayers.

    1. What an awesome testimony Jessica! We pray that God continues to lead you and your family. We know that you will be blessed where ever He calls you to live.

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