2 Comments on “Did Not I Say You Are Gods?”

  1. Wow!’ Too the point, powerful — mind boggling
    Thanks for being so real. Investing time with God in God’s Word to teach and know such details. God has released much to you . Understanding and revealing God —- It is first time I have experienced an on in-depth awareness of Hell and Heaven on my hat level. Thank you. I plan to continue to listen learn and grow —-/. Thank Y o u !!!!!

  2. Wow—- Great message! Powerful! Thanks for being so real. Your investment in learning the scriptures and providing that info to the world is outstanding. Your in-depth knowledge is so appreciated. To have a source to aid my understanding of scriptures I know was provided through the Holy Spirit. Awareness— knowledge provides an outlet for one to move forward giving the same awareness to family and friends. Knowledge or the lack there of, brings awareness to one living life Or spiritual death to one that miss it. Myself, I desire growth.

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