3 Comments on “Charismatic Witchcraft II: Sunday Teaching”

  1. I’m listening to a recording and you talked about a scripture where a tree will begin to grow again at the very scent of water but couldn’t remember where in the Bible. I just read that yesterday, it’s Job 14:9. I read that and thought, hmmm…that’s powerful.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Regina. Often, when we spend time studying and meditating on and seeking God’s Word, its deeper meaning will be revealed to us. I hope that this message provided insight and that the powerful revelations behind Job 14:9 and many more scriptures are revealed to you in the days to come.

      1. Praise Jesus! Pastor Otha, I totally agree with you on preaching the right word for the right season. The Word of God declares,”How forcible or powerful are right words!” Job 6:25

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