Publishing Content Team SOP’s

  • Currently we post content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.This may change in the future, but these are the three standard platforms for now.
  • Do not change the content in the Excel document that is sent to you unless it is approved before hand by the Social Media Team Lead. Video content is instructed to be posted as a video post without any enhancements and pictures are to be posted without any filters or adjustments. While there are many publishing options and posting function capabilities for the various social media platforms, please post the social media content as directed. A video should be posted as a standard video and a photo should be posted as a standard photo.”
  • If you feel changes need to be made, if something isn’t working such as a video link, please reach out to the Social Media Manager for assistance.
  • If other content is posted outside of the schedule that does not change the flow of the calendar. Posts will go out on the scheduled days unless otherwise noted.
  • The posting content team is responsible for posting the live streaming graphics in the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram stories to promote our live streams. Please do this the day before each service and periodically throughout the week.
  • You will be emailed the excel document and link to the graphics folder for each month of content after the approval process is completed from the content creation team.

This is a snapshot of how the Excel document will look when it is sent out.


  • Please make sure you adhere to the content posting schedule. As of right now we post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Tuesday’s and Saturday’s are for videos and Thursday’s are for graphics. This could change in the future. Please make sure you are posting the correct content on the correct days. The Excel document will list the day for you to post.
  • The members of the publishing content team are expected to engage with the audience on their assigned platform. Please check to see if we have messages via our inbox periodically and comments under each post. Use your best judgment to like the comment and/or even respond back. It’s important to engage with our audience, but always use your best judgment. 
  • Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in having the capability to post content to the social media channels revoked.