These are the steps and key points to moderating the social media live streams during service.

Moderating Live Stream Instructions

    • Team Members may only moderate the live streams on a laptop or PC. Moderating the live streams on your phone or tablet are not allowed.
    • Sign onto your Facebook page (If someone’s profile is up, please sign out and go to yours)
    • Go to your shortcuts or the option available on your Facebook page to pull up the Lionheart page.
    • Go to more and head to videos, the current live video will show, and just make sure you pull the video up. When the switcher connects to the Lionheart page there will also be a notification that indicates that the live video has started, you can access the live video that way as well.
    • Always check to make sure you’re commenting as Lionheart Church. If it needs to be changed then on the post where it says like, comment, & share you will see the profile pic icon to the right, you click the arrow and make sure Lionheart Church is selected. (Please see screenshots below for reference)


  • You will have to sign into YouTube Studio as well to access the live video. We will link your YouTube account and you will be a moderator on the Lionheart page as well.
  • Please log on to your YouTube and head over to the toolbar in the upper righthand corner. Depicted in the two screenshots below. You will choose the switch account options and select Lionheart Church.


  • From there you will click the Lionheart profile pic. You will see the dropdown and please select “Youtube Studio” depicted in the screenshots below.


After going to Youtube studio, you will see the dashboard depicted below and you will choose Content. You will see uploads and then please click live. You will see the current live stream in rotation, and you will select the option to view the video which is depicted in the last screenshot with the yellow arrow. From there you will begin commenting.



Key Points

  • You don’t need to like every single comment or reply back to everyone. It’s important to use your best judgment and when in doubt, just ask.
  • Please monitor the comments and hide comments from commenters who ask for money or items, spam, and other inappropriate comments.
  • Please be mindful to not like your own comments. Lionheart Church should not like their own comments.
  • There are people who may have questions that need to be addressed off the live feed. You can point people to the email address or private message on the Facebook page. If they inquire about giving, you can point them to the website, head over to the giving tab, and there is an option to indicate what the money is for, the website is
  • Some things to say in the comments are “Good Morning” or “Good Evening” ,”Please share this live stream”, “Tag someone you think would enjoy this message”, “Thanks for tuning in!”. Also, don’t forget to post the scriptures in the comments as they’re called out by whoever is ministering. This is for engagement and just in case someone misses the scriptures. You can ask them to email us or message us on Facebook for prayers of salvation and receiving baptism of the Holy Spirit. You can point them to the media page on the website as well.
  • Make sure you engage on Facebook and YouTube. 
  • We cannot come up with every scenario that we may face, but again, we have to make judgment calls. If it’s something you’re unsure about, please ask a question.
  • Please spell check before you post comments on the live.
  • Please sign out of Facebook & YouTube when you are done serving.