Code of Conduct

Lionheart Media Team will operate in the Spirit of Excellence as we carry out video needs for the Kingdom of God. Below are standards each team member must adhere to, to ensure this is carried out in every area of this team.

     1. Be on time or early when serving or showing up to any event.

     2. Respond to phone call and texts from anyone on the team in a timely manner.

     3. No calls, no shows are not acceptable. If you will be late, please notify someone as soon as possible.

     4. Check the schedule often. It is your responsibility to know when you serve.

     5. Meet all deadlines by due dates.

     6. Overcommunicate. If you have a problem that hinders you from serving in any capacity please let a team lead know as soon as possible and how long this will impact the team. If you don't have a date, please keep us updated as often as possible.