Time Stamp Instructions

Watching Timestamps
Week 1- Ni'esha - Due by: Dec 12th

Week 2 - Shylonda - Due by: Dec 19th

Week 3 - Le'Tonya  - Due by: Dec  26th

Week 4 - Vernon - Due by: Dec 28th

Week 5 - Pastor O - Due by : Jan 2nd

Example Timestamp and Instructions
20:14 He went to the....
21:03 to the young man....

  • You MUST provide 7 time stamps from each sermon, which totals 14 time stamps for your week.
  • The limit for time stamps is 55 seconds. The clip can be no longer than 55 seconds for social media engagement purposes and platform time limits. Please be sure to notate the words at the beginning of the clip as well as at the end of the clip. This will help us in the editing process.
  • If you are sick, out of town, etc, you are still responisble for your weekly timestamps. Just communicate with Marshae and a new due date will be given.
  • Send the time stamps in an email to admin@lionheartchurch.org.

December's Dropbox Folder:
Dopbox Link

Editing Timestamps
Week 1&2 - Moriah - Due by: TBA

Week 3&4 - Christiana - Due by: TBA

Week 5 - Marshae - Due by: TBA

  • Naming Convention: Initials_Date_Timestamp #.mp4 - Example: mh_1001_01.mp4

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