• 1.In the name of Jesus, we fervently pray for the dismantling of every attack, weapon and scheme the gates of hell have deployed against Lionheart Church. We declare divine intervention, breakthrough, and restoration, enabling the Body of Christ to move forward in its mission to spread the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. May the powers and angels of heaven be released to bring destruction on the head of any spirit, person, or organization standing in the way of God’s will for this church and its people.

    2. We pray that during this season you would give the Body of Christ great boldness to stand up against and destroy the spirits of the antichrist, Jezebel, and Goliath that have risen up to steal, kill, and destroy the destinies and lives of mankind. Give the leaders that represent the Kingdom of God great wisdom, tact, and skill in this hour in order to navigate around the traps of the devil. We pray that our faith will not fail and that great power and strength will rest upon us as members of the Kingdom of Light.

    3. Father, we ask that you would stretch out your hand to heal us and that mighty signs and wonders would take place in our midst through the power of the Holy Ghost and the name of Jesus.

    4. In the name of Jesus, we ask for a new, fresh, and deeper experience with the person of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, help us to form a strong relationship with you as you lead us into all truth and show us the future. Holy Spirit, show us the dangers of what is coming and how to prepare for it. Help us to give up human effort, human desire, human wisdom, and human will so we can yield to you and your ways completely.

  • 5. Father, in the name of Jesus, let your mighty hand continue to be upon both of our church’s locations as well as other churches that are connected to us for sustained growth, multiplication, and increase.
    Empower every house church for supernatural growth and multiplication resulting in revival amongst our communities.

    6. Father, in the name of Jesus, give us the wisdom, power, and intelligence to navigate through the digital world of social media, computers, and artificial intelligence in order to influence millions for Christ and the Kingdom of God. Holy Spirit, take over the technologies of the digital world and give every person online an encounter with the Word and the Spirit to bring them to a new level.

    7. Father, help us to clean up our lives and dedicate our time for the success of the Kingdom. Help us to get our full reward and give us wisdom, power, and wealth to win millions of souls into the family of the Sons of Light.

    8.  Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus, reveal unto us three things:
    What are we doing that we should not be doing?
    What are we doing that we should be doing better?
    What are we NOT doing that we should be doing?


Please join us for early morning prayer every morning from 6am to 7am!
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