Lionheart Church Social Media Policy

Maintain your brand identity across channels
Lionheart Church is an international Ministry that operates in all fruits of the spirit and believes in salvation through Jesus Christ alone. Our social media channels display engaging and high-level imagery and videos to help promote Lionheart’s mission and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Across our social media channel’s, we provide the public with prophetic messaging and engaging video content to expand our footprint and fulfill the mission that God has placed on Lionheart Church.

Treat legal and regulatory sensitivities with awareness
Through our social media platforms, social listening strategies, and keyword research we may become aware of subjects that have legal and/or regulatory sensitivities. These are brought to the attention of leadership for instructions on how to proceed with the matter.

Prevent a security breach
All our social media channels are password protected along with authentication measures. Authorized members of the Lionheart Social Media Team are permitted access to the social media channels. The passwords are periodically updated on a case by case basis such as a
security concern has occurred.

Prevent a full-blown PR crisis
We work earnestly to prevent a crisis as we receive many comments, questions, and/or concerns across our social media channels which often come with threats of negatively impacting the ministry and our intended purpose. The matter is researched and reported to leadership within the social media team to help defuse the situation to avoid further escalation.

Act fast if a crisis or breach does happen
The matter is researched and reported to leadership to help defuse the situation and await guidance on further course of action if need be.

Daily posting and engagement
Social media posts are typically published on Lionheart’s social media channels according to an analysis of our social media analytics and our content strategy, however, social media operates 24/7, therefore posting and engagement may occur outside of those time frames. Social media topics are from suggested social media posts provided by Lionheart staff, mainly Pastor Turnbough and media team leaders.

Daily customer service
Lionheart’s social media channels are considered a customer service center as we receive comments from individuals asking for assistance to questions about our teachings and/or services. Our responsibility is to respond in a timely manner, typically within normal business hours. We want to make sure that the Facebook response rate is at 90% or above.

When requested or executing campaigns, we will conduct paid social media campaigns. The budget is provided from Pastor Turnbough as well as all content which is reviewed by the Social Media Manager/Team for approval.

Every 1 st of the month the Facebook response rate is captured, -----*-the average is calculated on a quarterly basis. Lionheart Church is to stay at or above 90% on a quarterly basis. A social media audit is completed every 1 st of the month which captures each Lionheart owned social media channel's followers and likes for Facebook, the follower count for Twitter and Instagram, the subscriber count for YouTube, as well as the purpose of each channel, and the last time a post was published. Our analytics will fall in line with Lionheart’s Communications plan.

Monitoring and listening
HootSuite is the standard social media tool used for Lionheart. Social listening is conducted through this platform with various keywords to help locate posts that are associated with the church.

Every 1 st of the month, Lionheart’s profile pictures and cover images are updated on the social media channels. Social media posts on each platform must be clear, concise, and fall in line with standard social media guidelines. Hashtags are included on the appropriate social media platforms for engagement and tracking purposes. Photos are sized correctly for each platform and video content does not exceed the recommended length in line with social media best practices and social media platform limits. GIF’s and Memes may be used periodically, and graphics are not extremely wordy and must be clear and pleasing to the eye.

Social Media Conduct for Volunteers
Social media has become a popular way to share thoughts, information, and opinions with family, friends, and coworkers around the world. Lionheart respects the right of the Lionheart social media team members to engage in social media activities. For the team members who have access to the Lionheart channels, please make sure you keep your personal feed and Lionheart’s separate. When engaging on your personal feeds, please make sure you are signed out of Lionheart’s platforms and you are viewing and commenting on any platform under your name.