Welcome to the inner healing and deliverance webpage of Lionheart Church. We have provided a video to give you an overview with all the information you will need to get started with your inner healing and deliverance process.
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Inner Healing Ministry Description

We use a simple but systematic approach when it come to partnering with the Holy Spirit to bring about healing.. The purpose of this partnership is to identify and destroy any spiritual legalities that are active in a person’s life, preventing the forward movement and success of their Christian walk. Specifically, there are seven fundamental problem areas that are addressed as they are interconnected with stagnation:

  • Ungodly Beliefs

    Lies or faulty beliefs are other names for Ungodly Beliefs. They are a system of thoughts, attitudes, decisions, judgments, vows and expectations that we have developed that are contrary to God’s word, nature, integrity and character. Ungodly beliefs can be inherited from our family, formed from the facts of our experiences, and developed after experiencing heart wounds or traumatic events.

  • Generational Curses

    Generational curses are sins of our forefathers (ancestors) that can be traced by the patterns, habits and deeds that have been passed down, inherited, observed and practiced from one generation to another. These curses imprisoned and enslaved us to walk in the sin patterns of our ancestors. In other words, they produce pressure to sin in particular areas. Ask Holy Spirit to help identify the root ancestral issues and generational curses.

  • Heart Wounds

    A Heart Wound is the negative effects of trauma that may have occurred from isolation, emotional, verbal, sexual, spiritual, mental, financial, psychological and physical abuse. Severe traumas may cause shock to the brain that block out painful past memories as a defense mechanism. This is one reason individuals are not able to remember parts of their childhood. The lasting effects of a Heart Wound can cause a person to remain stuck or broken in a particular area of his/her life. This further prevents any advancement in their lives because the fragmented parts of that person’s soul has never been healed or properly developed, potentially since childhood.

  • Ungodly Soul Ties

    Ungodly Soul Ties can be defined as a binding or knitting together of a person’s soul with another’s soul. This involves all sexual relationships outside of God’s biblical covenant for marriage, including premarital sex with one’s spouse. Ungodly soul ties are unhealthy and toxic relationships where people have an excessive amount of authority, influence, control, etc. in your life. In some instances, that person became an idol: taking the place of God in the life of the believer. Some examples that an ungodly soul tie might be in effect include: gravitating towards a person for approval or validation have an unhealthy desire to please someone being codependent taking on false responsibilities (i.e. caring for someone while neglecting your personal needs and desires) These ungodly soul ties can sway our decisions to serve these people more than we serve God (unconsciously) due to fear, intimidation, codependency or admiration.

  • Word Curses

    Word curses are any negative proclamations or declarations spoken over you by someone with spiritual or relational authority in your life or they may be spoken by self. Word curses are usually birthed from a carnal place that utter offensive words or phrases in anger, annoyance, sarcasm or frustration which may leave an undesirable feeling of internal conflict, discouragement or confusion. Once these words are released and believed the receiver is empowered to walk them out.

  • Bitter Root Judgments

    Bitter-root Judgments are condemning opinions, conclusions or evaluations that we have formed about others’ heart motives after an offense has occurred. In most cases when we pronounce judgments they are inaccurate because we do not have all the information surrounding a situation. These judgments are formed from our hurt, offense, inability or refusal to forgive a person; therefore we desire them to be pronounced guilty consciously or unconsciously. You are impacted and affected by the bitter root judgments toward others because we reap what we sow. When we judge others we are guaranteed a harvest of judgment back into our life because of the spiritual law of “reaping and sowing” with the measure you give out it will be return to you. In other words; when you judge you release a spiritual boomerang that causes you and the people close to you to walk in the very thing you judged.

  • Inner Vows

    Inner vows are promises, oaths or swearing that we have made to ourselves, as a defense mechanism, in hope of controlling life’s circumstances to prevent hurtful situations from reoccurring. They can also be made out of unforgiveness, self-hate, self-righteousness, pride, wounded and unconsciously judgmental heart; putting the receiver’s spiritual growth at risk. Inner vows are a fleshly attempt to defend or protect self and others. These commitments are birthed from a carnal place excluding the assistance or partnership of the Holy Spirit.


This book is the 3rd and final step needed for your inner healing session. The book can be download or purchased on Amazon. Click the link below or click on the book to download.

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